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Artist Logos

Most of my Business of Music II class was organized around the following project (and is the reason I took the class!). At the beginning of the course, we were divided into audio/video, digital, and marketing groups. It was extremely hard for me to choose as I have experience in all but I eventually opted to join the digital group.

We then went through a process where the class suggested young artists that we could work with. Some were my direct classmates and others were artists that members of the course knew personally. After we narrowed our choices to our four main artists, we met with them and conversed about their own perceived image and desired brand assets. As the digital team, we divided the work between our members.

I ended up working on two logos: one for a rock band named Paste and one for an alternative artist named Enrii Mart.

For the Paste logo, I originally developed several different logo concepts to allow them to choose which they liked best. Each logo was based on their original desires: they liked red, black, and white and they wanted something simple like the “Oasis” logo. These can be seen below: page of original Paste logo ideas, mostly minimal with bold fonts

I met with the band afterwards and allowed them to choose their favourite which led to more mockups to allow for font selection:

page of the second iterations of the Paste logo using bold fonts and a white underline

I then talked to the lead singer (who had a background in graphic design) who introduced a slight variation on the concept which led to the creation of the final logo which can be seen below:

For Enrii Mart, he talked about how he wanted something that would emphasize the playful and gentle nature of his music. His original logo concept can be seen below:

I then developed a few more and he selected the last one as his final logo:

variation of enrii mart logo variation of enrii mart logo variation of enrii mart logo

I also made a few emblems to go along with the logo:

enrii mart logo that uses the double i's to make a smiley face enrii mart logo that uses the double i's to make a smiley face

All of these were mocked up in Adobe Photoshop and then recreated/finished in Adobe Illustrator. It is hard to really talk about the nuances of this project overall as I also helped to support the other teams and dialogued with the artists at photo/video shoots, recording sessions, and our cumulative live concert. I originally wanted to take this class to better bridge the divide between my passion for digital media/creation and my passion for music. Having these practical experiences with real artists is, therefore, an invaluable asset to me in my professional life. One of the best things I took away from this class was how to receive a “no”. At times, I would pitch ideas or develop posters/graphics and would then have to adapt when they were not what the artist/class coordinator was looking for. I am so happy that I chose to not take this personally and instead learn where changes needed to be made or to just yield to the direction of my client/class lead.

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