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After their planet is invaded by a strange race of other-planetary beings or “Skylings”, brothers Auryn and Finian decide to infiltrate Skyling territory to learn more about their kind. They are advanced and provide more access to opportunities and riches than Auryn and Finian would have thought possible. But there’s something strange about these Skylings and Auryn is determined to find out, no matter how much of himself he loses or gains in the process.

Illustrated by hand as a capstone project for his degree, Matthew Emmons spins a tale of dystopian wonder and mystery in the vast caverns of a territory yet to be explored.

This is Remember Us…

sample character sketch of character faces


As part of my undergraduate degree, I was required to complete a cumulative capstone project which utilized multiple media for a common purpose. I decided to create a short graphic novel as I used to draw comics as a kid and it felt like a very “full circle” moment for me. As I began the fall semester in my fourth year, I embarked on a strict drawing regimen to prepare. I also completed a large research phase about space colonization, dystopian stories, and comics in general in order to better conceptualize the story. I then drafted the story, pitched it to my advisors, and created preliminary character drawings which can be seen below.

Character sketch for Auryn Character sketch for Kasper Character sketch for Finian Character sketch for the Voice of the Navigator Character sketch for the standard space uniform


After my project was approved, I spent a month sketching each panel of the graphic novel by hand on paper, as seen below.

pencil sketch of page 1 of comic pencil sketch of page 6 of comic pencil sketch of page 9 of comic pencil sketch of page 22 of comic

I then used the drawing app Procreate on my iPad with my Apple Pencil to digitally trace my drawings and colour each panel. I also created backgrounds to throw behind the characters in the next phase. Below are some short time-lapse videos of some of these Procreate drawings.


The result of my efforts from the 2020-2021 school year was a 53-page, full colour graphic novel named Remember Us. I created some short animations below which tease the project and use a parallax effect to explore parts of my drawings. I also created a 3D mockup of the graphic novel in Cinema 4D which can be viewed alongside my other animations below.

3D mockup of Remember Us book spinning

My time in Digital Communications has been quite interesting to say the least (my schooling was interrupted by both the 2017 college strike and the COVID-19 pandemic)! However, I am extremely proud of all that I was able to complete in my time at Humber. A full .PDF of Remember Us can be downloaded here. I hope you enjoy and feel free to check out some of my other projects while you are on the site!

Anyone who knows me knows I also love music! For a curated playlist of what I listened to during the making of this project click here (Apple Music) or here (Spotify)! You never know, some of these songs may have inspired parts of the project...

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