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Good Apples

This prototype was completed for Adobe’s Ontario college Creative Jam that took place on November 19, 2019. After attending an info session, our group was given roughly four hours to create an app prototype for academic integrity. The concept behind our prototype was a crowd sharing form of tutoring where users could go on and give help to others and become a certified tutor from their bedroom while also receiving help in areas where they were not strong. Many people plagiarize because they leave things to the last minute or simply do not know how to get started. With Good Apples, you could go on your phone and get there assistance you need within minutes.

My job was to design the last part of the available functionality. This included the loading screen, chat functions, and final rating screens. Adobe XD was fairly easy to use and adjust to considering I had only started using it the weekend before. I wanted the chat to feel similar to other chat designs in various social media applications. This would allow the user to be instantly familiar with the functionality and design.

screenshot of wireframes for prototype

After playing with our art boards and finalizing our design, our group combined our work and submitted with four minutes to spare. Designing until midnight was quite an experience but it helped to give me a “trial by fire” headfirst dive into Adobe XD. Overall, this project taught me a lot about teamwork while working within strict deadlines. It was stressful at certain points but this motivated us to work extra hard to work together to complete our prototype. This event made me want to participate in further Creative Jams with my amazing team!

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Dannielle James Haniya Yousuf Jeremy Visser Karen Chung

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