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screenshot of opening screen of Runaways

For my project, I profiled my grandfather about his experiences immigrating to Canada during World War II. My app is called "Runaways" and can be accessed at by clicking here. The main idea behind the project is to showcase my grandfather’s struggle to fit in amidst the tumultuous experience of his immigrating.

I began my project by interviewing him. Thankfully, my family has kept a few records of our family history so I was able to ask him specific details and clarify portions of the story that were unclear. Since he was young at the time of the war, his memory was hazy on a few things which caused me to have to consult some of my other relatives by email to ensure the details were correct. While interviewing my grandfather, a thread emerged in his story. In each place he settled, he had a profound desire to belong that went unfilled for quite some time. I then researched some more information about the places my grandfather stayed during the war and how he was transported to each place. Finally, I conducted some research on how these practices have impacted immigration today to reveal the relevance of his story.

Runaway app screenshot showing first page Runaway app screenshot showing Poland on interactive map Runaway app screenshot showing audio simulation for my grandfather's boat journey Runaways app screenshot showing mock citizenship quiz

As I heard my grandfather’s story, I tried to think of ways to allow to audience to participate in the story I was telling. While experimenting with Glide, I found ways to create interactive maps which allowed the reader to trace my grandfather’s journey and learn more about the places in which he settled while fleeing his home. Additionally, I utilized an audio collage to further immerse users in the story. In addition to this, I incorporated many images from royalty free sites or my own family’s archives in order to add an exciting visual element to the project. Finally, I was able to create a sample Canadian citizenship quiz that users could take to see if they knew some of the difficult questions asked to immigrants wanting to become citizens (my personal favourite part of the app).

This project provided the opportunity to learn more about the platform Glide which allows users to build an interactive app using Google Sheets. It was different to the other app building I've done in Adobe XD (see Good Apples) but was beneficial as it made me think differently about app design as an entire practice. Organization is key and ensuring that you try to "break" the app through user testing before it is released is extremely beneficial. Overall, I am very satisfied with how this project turned out and am so grateful that I was able to pay tribute to my relatives in this way.

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