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The Caledon Business Innovation Zone, or CBIZ as it is commonly referred to, is a section of the government dedicated to assisting local entrepreneurs in order to boost the town’s economy. They had only just begun to advertise their services and they needed to develop a social media plan and strategy. That was where we came in.

This real-life client partnered with my Social Media class to work in small groups to develop a successful social media campaign for CBIZ. The members of the town of Caledon would then vote on which groups were the best and the top three would receive cash prizes.

The very first thing that my group and I did was schedule meeting times where we would brainstorm and discuss ideas and what needed to be done. We began by conducting a social media audit of CBIZ’s competitors to gain a better understanding of the online environment into which they were entering. This also allowed us to see how CBIZ’s existing social media compared and, therefore, where the areas of improvement were.

sample of CBIZ social media audit

After doing some general research on social media, we found that CBIZ’s target audience was mainly attracted to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn which is where we chose to focus our efforts. We then developed a social media calendar which provided a timeline of how often we felt CBIZ should be posting and holding events at their space.

This initial planning then allowed us to branch out and create a variety of different social posts, videos, blog posts, and ad words which CBIZ could use throughout their campaign. I personally created three short videos using CBIZ’s provided sketches of different materials and objects related to business. These were created in After Effects with the use of keyframes and masks to create a seamless flow between the graphics. The mockups were created using AdParlor with the designs and copy that we brainstormed and created within our group.

sample of social media mockups for CBIZ Facebook

Our next task was to layout all of our past work along with our objectives, tactics, justified budget, and suggestions for the campaign in a write-up which I designed using their signature colours and the fonts we had chosen for their promotional materials. Since this was for a real-life client, I am unable to post the entire document. However, the below images are a sample of this document.

Sample of CBIZ report objectives page Sample of CBIZ report background page

At the end of the semester, each group was able to pitch our campaigns to a panel of members from the town of Caledon (including the mayor!) and faculty from our program. Each of my group members presented a portion of the presentation and our campaign ended up placing third overall, meaning we also received a cash prize for our efforts.

Receiving third place in CBIZ Social Media competition

This campaign took a lot of work to create and oversee but ultimately it ended up providing me with an invaluable experience. I was able to refine my teamwork skills, gain practice and an understanding of each of the components of a social media campaign, and successfully present to a group of my peers, educators, and real-life clients. All of the hard work most definitely paid off.

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