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This project was done for the Thirty Third International Course on Therapeutic Endoscopy hosted by staff from St. Michael’s Hospital. Unfortunately, it could not be officially completed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were asked to create a social media campaign for the conference because it was the first year that they were webcasting their conference to the world. This was to be completed along with the coding of a new website for the conference.

My team decided to use the project management tools Slack and Trello to help assist in our agile workflow. I was responsible for working on strictly on the social media plan and deliverables.

The centerpiece of our campaign was supposed to be a video but filming had to cease due to the pandemic. For this reason, the video on exists in a rough, storyboard format which can be viewed below. The footage used is all stock footage or are stills from my paper storyboard that I created before this video.

We also planned to use the hashtag #BecomeAnInsider alongside the campaign as showcased by the posts below and created a personalized LinkedIn badge for attendees.

Sample ad one Sample ad two Sample ad three Sample ad four Linkedin Badge mockup Linkedin Badge mockup

I additionally created a social media calendar/plan for the conference. Since this was for a real client I am unable to post the entire document but the plan for the month of September can be seen below.

Social Media Plan Calendar September

In addition to this, I wrote a mock third-party article about the conference and a news blast for the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology to help cover other all promotional outlets. The mock news article was based around an actual interview that I conducted alongside my team member and friend, Dannielle James, of Dr. Jeff Mosko at St. Michael’s hospital.

Mock third party article part one Mock third party article part two Canadian Association of Gasteroenterology article

It was a shame that this project was never fully finished because I believed that my team’s concepts were extremely strong and it was a pleasure working with all of them! If nothing else, I gained great experience in teamwork, project management, and content creation and learned that all work has value, even if it is not fully complete.

Don't forget to check out my fellow group members on LinkedIn by clicking on their images below!

Dannielle James Jeremy Visser Sean Egerton Foreman Shelby Boydell

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