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For this project, I was asked to work with a group to develop a social media campaign specifically utilizing animation. In order to complete what my group and I desired to do, I needed to learn how to use Cinema 4D (see Submarine to learn more about this process).

We decided to do a mock social media campaign for the clothing brand Madhappy. Their brand identity is centered around mental health and they often contribute positively to those struggling in that community. We felt that this was not reflected much within their social media and from this need our campaign emerged. We also felt that their avant-garde style would complement our surrealist ideas for the campaign.

screenshot of Madhappy Instagram

Screenshot taken from Madhappy's Instagram

As a first step, I created storyboards and concept drawings for our main video advertisement which can be seen below. This allowed me to draw from the studio artistic skills that I developed throughout my high school art classes which was a welcome opportunity. These storyboards helped to keep the group organized and assisted in visualizing the set design based on our initial discussions.

sketch of Madhappy concept sketch of Madhappy concept illustrator coloured sketch of Madhappy concept Madhappy storyboard

My group and I then further developed and built our set, retrieved our props, and shot our advertisement. We wanted the set to match the themes and pastel colour schemes that Madhappy had already developed for themselves. The use of flowers and a typewriter in our set we felt matched the dreamy and vintage feel of their existing social media.

building the Madhappy set building the Madhappy set building the Madhappy set

We went on to use motion tracking software in Cinema 4D to animate our desired effects onto the footage we shot (with a helpful tutorial from Sean Dove). We had the bubbles change colours to communicate the different emotions that one can feel as they go about their daily lives. Being emotional is often looked at in a negative context and the idea behind this campaign was to normalize the idea of feeling lots of emotions. In other words, we can be healthily emotional without letting our feelings get the best of us.

This project was more content-focused than our previous social campaign projects due to the emphasis on animation. Throughout my work on this campaign, I was able to utilize different skills and to learn more about animation. Overall, it was a massive success and provided me with some outstanding experience and deepened connections among my peers.

Don't forget to check out my fellow group members on LinkedIn by clicking on their images below!

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