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sample travel advertisement with mountain

This project was quite different from the other social media campaigns of which I have been a part. Most of the time, the brands/companies already have an established tone and colour scheme. This assignment was purely hypothetical so I had to start from scratch in creating the visual identity, tone, and feel of the mock brand. I am very passionate about travelling and have been fortunate enough to participate in trips around the world through my school and on my own. This is the reason that I chose to focus on the field of travel for my mock brand.

The main thing that I needed to do with my campaign was communicate an exciting feeling around travelling in order to draw in those who saw the ads. As a result, a vibrant colour scheme was a necessity. The ads also needed to be simple enough to not overwhelm the viewer and communicate the message clearly.

sample travel advertisement with palm tree

My process started with an experimentation in Photoshop where I developed the idea of a complimentary colour scheme and the word “DISCOVER” cut out of the eyes of a person. This idea came from the belief that travel allows one to discover the world in new ways. The eyes are also the primary tools of discovery which is why the word appears in this region. I then decided to change the object to the left of the face to advertise the different kinds of vacations someone could take with my fictitious travel company. I ended up resizing my advertisement layouts to fit the dimensions of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make sure that the campaign would be specifically tailored to each medium. I also created profile pictures and cover photos for these media platforms where applicable.

sample travel advertisement with statue

My final advertisements share a common theme and layout (e.g. the face is always in the same place) which helps them to work as a whole. The colour scheme is also vibrant and compliments the colours introduced by the pictures behind the face. The cover photos I designed also expand on the original layout for the advertisements by switching the placement of the face and including a gradient. These deviations from the common layout are not too jarring but still allow the visuals to work as part of the campaign.

Creating this campaign showed me just how much attention to detail there is in the various campaigns that I am exposed to everyday! I also learned that the most successful designs are usually the simplest.

sample travel advertisement with plane
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