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Value Village

For this campaign, my group was able to choose the company for whom we wanted to create a mock campaign. We chose Value Village as we felt that they had a unique opportunity to take advantage of the current trends of thrifting and environmentally conscious consuming. There was also an untapped market of 44% of people who rarely or never thrift shop according to Value Village’s 2018 State of Reuse Report. Our campaign would, therefore, be centered around the hashtag #thriftitforward which highlighted the personal, financial, and environmental benefits of thrift shopping.

My group and I first conducted a situational analysis which identified the current state of the company and their social media as well as the possible opportunities for their future success. We then identified their target audience, created user personas, and established their brand voice to allow us to tailor our campaign to the correct market in a way that felt consistent with their previous marketing.

We then further developed the complete plan by defining the objectives, strategies, and tactics of the campaign in addition to the creation of a content calendar which specified how many times social posts should be made with the exact dates. Each group member created their own examples of social posts. Some created examples of paid content such as sponsored influencer hauls. My duty was to create more of the owned content such as the video that can be seen below. The animation in this video was created using After Effects and royalty free images and music from Bensound.

Additionally, I contributed my own mockups of earned, paid, owned, and shared content which can be seen below. The “Jean-ie” ad would have hypothetically been in partnership with Disney who were releasing the Aladdin remake later in the year that this project was completed.

Earned post mockup Paid post mockup Owned post mockup Shared post mockup

After all of our research and design had been completed, we presented our campaign pitch to our teacher along with the different measurement tools and KPIs we planned on using if we were to actually carry out the campaign. We planned to use traditional social media interactions such as social shares, tags, views, followers/subscribers, and likes/dislikes as well as more active engagement such as hashtag uses, coupon code usage from email blasts, membership signups and comments.

This campaign was a lot more research focused than our previous campaigns which actually allowed my group to have a greater understanding and focus of what we should create and what strategies to employ throughout the campaign. We also were working with a fairly large company which allowed us to have access to a lot of information and statistics on the company. I was fortunate enough to once again be able to gain experience with marketing, research, social media, teamwork, and presenting.

Ironically, Value Village ended up using a marketing strategy similar to ours after we completed our campaign. My group and I were so excited that they also realized the need to capitalize on the wave environmentally conscious shopping!

real life example of similar Value Village campaign real life example of similar Value Village campaign

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