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4D Visualization

This “project” is unique because it actually encompasses an entire class. I was fortunate enough to take 4D Visualization at Humber College this past winter semester and created a lot of great, small animated works in Adobe After Effects.

Above, I have compiled a demo reel of sorts to cover the major projects that we worked on throughout the semester. The first project was a short kinetic typography introduction and the second was endlessly loop-able cinemagraph. After that, we created an HUD and composited it onto a video of an eye (this one was one of my favourites!). In the next class we used brought still images of a hummingbird and flower alive and created the look and feel of amateur documentary footage. Next, we used autotrace and functions in After Effects to sync videos with music.

DISCLAIMER: The photos and music used in this portion of the reel are not my own and are not royalty free except for the main music which is from However, the others were able to be used as they were for educational purposes only and not for profit.

We then used different blending modes, precomposing, and stock images/videos to create a mock television title sequence in the style of HBO’s True Detective. In the next class, we composited changes onto a moving object in a video using motion tracking. After this, we explored the 3D capabilities in after effects and animated a silhouette of dancers in 3D space. Our next project was to create parallax from a flat image which we had photoshopped to separate the foreground from the background (this is also known as the Ken Burns Effect). Finally, we composited greenscreen footage of a dancer into Times Square.

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