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Video Production/Animation

Downtown London

While I was employed at Downtown London, I was also asked to create short videos for some of the local businesses I visited. Using my gimbal and Premiere Pro / After Effects, I assembled some short promo videos which you can see below!

Art With Panache

@ the Barre

Gourmet Deli

Hi-Ignition Fit Labs

Ichabod's Escape

Richmond Tavern

The London Club

Wabi Sabi Hair & Body

Additionally, I was asked to create a tutorial video for their website which launched during my placement. I screen-recorded myself using the site and then added instructions using After Effects which allowed for a simple, on-brand tutorial video. Check it out below!

Overall, I gained a lot of invaluable experience from my internship with Downtown London. Gaining additional experience in professional videography was definitely a highlight of the position. To view more of my work from my Downtown London placement, check out Downtown London Social Media, Downtown London Photography, and Downtown London Designs!

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