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This project was extremely interesting because, instead of coding from scratch, I already had a template set up that I needed to customize which at times was a blessing and a challenge. I was asked to create a website using WordPress and I decided to update my blog and contact pages from my old portfolio and connect them to the portfolio you are currently viewing. To view the final result you can click here or click on the BLOG / CONTACT option in the header bar.

Blog home page screenshot Blog contact page screenshot

WordPress’ capabilities are actually quite flexible as, once you select a theme, you are able to create a child of that theme to implement desired changes or enter CSS code in the Additional CSS panel. I was also able to experiment with plug-ins such as Elementor, Envira Gallery, and WP Forms. Through all of these outlets, I was able to create blog and contact pages that are connected to my current site and adopt a similar look, feel, and theme. I am extremely satisfied with them and am glad that I was able to learn more about WordPress’ excellent interface and features!

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