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It is strange to think that while writing this, my portfolio is still unfinished. Oddly enough, my process began with writing descriptions similar to this one for a selection of my past projects which I put in a previous portfolio. I was then given the assignment to code my own portfolio using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I approached this as I usually do, by designing my layouts in photoshop. I found that a lot of my portfolio designs featured minimalist styles and white backgrounds. I decided to completely invert this by designing my portfolio with a a black background because I did not want my portfolio to blend in with many others I have seen.

Landing page layout Home page layout Social Media page layout

I then broke down the code element by element, working on HTML first and perfecting it before moving on to the CSS. I added images and media queries when this was finished to further showcase my work and make it accessible for all screen sizes. For the landing page, I created a video from my initial design and a few glitch transitions which I made the background of the webpage. I also added links and page jumps to orient my user and allow them to see where I had gone for help/inspiration. Finally, I divided the code up into separate PHP files for the header, footer, and the bodies of the different pages. These files were uploaded to Godaddy from whom I had purchased web hosting and were compiled, with my desired images and videos, to form the portfolio that you currently see.

Overall, the approach of working on each element one at a time allowed me to have greater control over what was going on within my webpage. While coding, it is easier to get carried away and lose track of where things are or what is affecting each element. I felt more in control of this assignment and am extremely happy with how it turned out. I assume you will not need the link to this project considering you are already viewing it, however, please feel free to continue to browse and view my other past projects!

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