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Hi, I'm Matthew Emmons. Welcome to my portfolio! I am a digital storytelling strategist who loves music and good stories.

Distorted photo of Matthew with a camera

I grew up in London, Ontario and moved to Toronto to complete my degree in Digital Communications at Humber College. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in both of these cities and am very proud to be Canadian. After my undergrad, I completed my master's in the Media Production post-graduate program at Toronto Metropolitan University to better understand how the use of transmedia storytelling in music promotion connects fan communities . Whether it be marketing or animation, I just love to learn new things!

Over the course of my schooling, I have had many great opportunities to learn/utilize the Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, and Trapcode Particular for social media campaigns, video production, animation, web design/development, and photography. While most of the work I create is digital, I also have been published 4 times: two poems, a short story, and a children's book. My blog serves as an outlet to continue growing in my writing capabilities. No matter what I do, I love to create and be inspired by stories.

My previous work experience has allowed me to understand what is it like to work in small and large companies. I have done everything from work in a print shop to insurance. Oh and let's not forget about the summer I spent at a pizza factory! Overall, these jobs have made me a better team player, multitasker, and organizer.

I have also been fortunate enough to participate in many school and personal trips all around the world! This has allowed me to continue to push myself to go outside of my comfort zone and has given me exposure to many different cultures. However, I have also now caught the "travel bug" as travelling has become another strong passion of mine.

I hope this portfolio gives you a better idea of who I am and the experience I have gained throughout my life. My contact information is below if you have any other inquiries. I would absolutely love to help you tell your story!

Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn if you like what you see or just want to chat about the latest films or music!

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